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Les Graniers


Near the village of Saint-Tropez, a small cove of the Bay of Canebiers reveals a secret beach with clear water.

A beautiful wooden hut, only known to the initiates, where you can taste the authentic cuisine

in the barbecue mode,  fish in the background, fish on the sand.

In this secret place run by local children, of course seafood, but also exceptional meat are prepared with

the most respect in all simplicity to show the best of Mediterranean cuisine.

Simply cooking, perfect spices will breed a wild fish, a lobster chip or a Black Angus tab ...

Traditional grilled sardines or pesto-syrup legs are among the indispensable items of the house.

Chic casual atmosphere without snobbishness or bling bling ... that of a St. Tropez glamor of the Dolce Vita years

of Bardot, Sagan and Vian ...

From the streets of Ponche to Graniers beach, there are only a few steps ...

Make no mistake, the success of this fishing village is just like places like Les Graniers ...


Les Graniers Plage


1 Plage des Graniers, 83990 Saint-Tropez, France

Tel: +33 4 94 97 13 43


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